Writing Festival 3rd Upcoming Event

Contact Details

  • Thomastown East
  • Primary School
  • 82 Cedar Street
  • Thomastown
  • Phone: 03 9465 3032

Writing Festival

Friday 22 July

2013 saw the introduction of the Inaugural Thomastown East Primary School Writers Festival. This yearly event showcases the outstanding writing that each child across the entire school produces and culminates in a gallery of proficient and entertaining writing being shown to the public. A great deal of time and effort goes in to demonstrating to the children what good quality writing looks like and the specific skills that are required to engage and entertain a reader.

Specific individual skills are broken down into small achievable tasks, ensuring that every child has success and builds on their prior learning. Children then handwrite their work and illustrate their writing to produce a published piece to be presented to the school community.

The writing Festival has an Official Opening that is attended by students, parents, Department of Education Dignitaries’, local politicians and the media. A morning tea is held and awards given for improvement and creativity. The Festival is open for an entire week for the school community to wander through and read some outstanding writing pieces.